Soneri Pensioners Savings Account

Soneri Bank branch network across Pakistan facilitates in opening of Pensioners Account. Branches effectively coordinate with various Pension disbursing departments to ensure hassle free disbursement / credit of Pension in the respective Pensioner’s account.




Account Type

PLS Savings

Nature of Account


Service Charges

Exempted/Not Applicable

Profit Rate


  • Free Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and e-Statements
  • Profit is calculated on monthly average balance and is disbursed semi annually*
  • Soneri Debit Card
  • Free ATM cash withdrawal coverage – Soneri Tahaffuz**
  • Cheque book
  • Online Banking
  • SMS Alerts
  • Statement of account

*Kindly refer to the updated profit rate sheet on Soneri Bank corporate website or obtain it from any Soneri Bank branch.

**Subject to terms and conditions of the insurance company

Reference to BC & CPD Circular Letter No. 03 of 2017; To render the pensioner’s account dormant if life/non-remarriage certificate is not received after 6 months or if the pensioner fails to draw pension for consecutive 6 months to enable account offices to stop pension payment.



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