Speed Finance

Soneri Speed Finance is focused towards providing quick and flexible financing solutions to SMEs for meeting business needs it may also be availed by individuals and other business segments to meet their financing needs.


  • Financing facilities i.e. Running Finance, Term Finance, Letter of Credit, Delivery of Documents against Acceptance and Letter of Guarantee are being offered under this product.
  • Facility is primarily secured against liquid security i.e. Deposits with Soneri Bank (Local/Foreign Currency Term Deposits, Cash Margin, Lien on Account), Govt. Securities (DSC/SSC/RIC).
  • Market competitive pricing will be offered.
  • Maximum financing limit of Rs. 250 Million to any single borrower.
  • Borrower should meet the requirements of Bank’s policy and SBP’s Prudential Regulations/policies/instructions.

    Last Update: 18/07/2024 06:12

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