Soneri Forex Plus is an ideal choice for individuals eligible to open a foreign currency account to save with ease at the same time offering convenience and reliability to deal in foreign currency. The range of currencies available in Forex Plus Account include USD, GBP and EURO with a host of free benefits. Funds can be deposited and withdrawn at the client’s convenience.


  • Currency: USD, GBP & EURO
  • Account Types: Current & Saving
  • No minimum balance requirement

Profit Rates

Up to 4,999.99 3.00% 0.50% 0.50%
5,000 to 9,999.99 3.25% 0.70% 0.70%
10,000 to 24,999.99 3.50% 0.80% 0.80%
25,000 to 99,999.99 4.00% 0.90% 0.90%
From 100,000 and above 5.00% 1.00% 1.00%

Monthly profit payments and flexibility to withdraw anytime you want.

Profit on Soneri Forex Plus Saving Account is paid on monthly average balance.

Free Benefits

Soneri Forex Plus Saving Account

  • Free First Cheque Book (10 leaves)
  • Free Cash Deposits
  • Free Collection of Outward Foreign Cheques
  • Free e-statements
  • Free Mobile and Internet Banking (as per SBP guidelines)
  • Up to 90% Financing in PKR**

*Terms and Conditions applied

**Subject to compliance of requirement

All other terms and conditions will be applicable as per the bank’s foreign currency SOP and SBP’s FE manual.



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