Soneri’s Green Banking

Green Banking is a term that refers to the promotion of environmentally friendly practices that aid Banks and their clients in identifying and managing environmental risks as well as reducing their carbon footprint and related socially adverse actions.

Green banking optimizes costs, reduces risk, enhances banks’ reputations and contributes to the common good of environmental sustainability. So it serves both the commercial objective of the bank as well as its social responsibility.

Green Banking Guidelines

According to the Green Banking Guidelines (SBP) Issued vide IH&SMEFD Circular # 08 dated October 09, 2017, We established the Green Banking Office under the ambit of the Risk Management Division. So far, we have performed the following activities:

  • Selected annual plan for internal capacity building of its officials on green banking.
  • Established annual plan for Green Awareness Campaigns.
  • Included disclosure of its green banking activities and initiatives in the
  • Management Discussion and Analysis section of its Annual Report.
  • SNBL has converted some of its ATMs into solar energy.
  • Incorporated green marketing aspects in its marketing strategy.
  • We designed new Account Opening Forms, reducing paper usage by 50%.
  • Go Green Bags has been distributed bank-wide to discourage the use of plastic bags in bank premises.
  • We have developed E-statements now to save paper.
  • SNBL evaluates the impacts & likelihoods of the business which directly or indirectly affect the Environment.
  • We are converting high-consuming electric lights into energy-efficient LED lights.