What is Fintech?

Combining the words ‘financial’ and ‘technology’, fintech is technology-enabled financial innovation, which is changing the way financial institutions provide – and consumers and businesses use – financial services.
Although ‘fintech’ is a relatively new term, innovation has always been important in the financial sector. The key difference now is the pace and impact of change.
We are actively exploring how developments in fintech might support our mission to promote the good of the people of Pakistan by maintaining monetary and financial stability.
To embrace the potential of fintech we are:

  • Understanding how Fintechs can benefit DFS access: To gauge Fintechs, the SBP aims to establish a Fintech Facilitation Desk, where all interested Fintechs will be invited to gauge the Central Bank and establish a mutual understanding of how DFS access can be extended.
  • Understanding how Fintechs can impact Soundness of the Pakistani Financial Systems: The SBP is in constant evaluation of new business models and their impact on the soundness and stability of the Pakistani Financial Ecosystem.
  • Applying Fintech to enhance our own Capabilities: The use of new technology is imperative to move forward in this digital age. The SBP is in constant evaluation of new technologies and how we as regulators can use them to enhance our vigilance, supervision, and, regulatory roles.