Soneri Youngsters Minor Savings Account

I have plans for my future! Do You?

Every parent wants to teach their children the value of saving, sensible spending pattern and giving. Soneri Bank Ltd. is pleased to offer children a savings account that enhances their financial outlook while teaching the basics of banking. The account is available to young people from birth until their 18th birthday. 
Soneri Youngsters Minor Savings Account supports children get off to a good start! 







As per the minimum profit rate to be paid on all Pak Rupee Saving Deposits set by SBP.

Profit Disbursement

Monthly, based on average monthly balance

Nature of Account

Minor. One account per child

Parent / Guardian can opt for signing up a standing instructions form to transfer funds from their other Soneri Bank account every month, to their child’s account.

Parent / Guardian can also avail Exclusive Bancassurance Education, Savings &/or Marriage Plan


  • An attractive welcome pack for the children 
  • No Minimum Balance Service Charges 
  • No Annual Fee on Soneri Debit Card issuance 
  • Discounts & alliances linked to the Debit Card 
  • First Free Cheque book of 25 leaves 
  • No subscription charges for Internet Banking & Mobile Banking 
  • E-Statements & SMS Alerts 
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal Insurance – Soneri Tahaffuz*