Real Time Gross Settlement

The Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) system is defined as a system in which both processing and final settlement of funds transfer instructions can take place continuously (i.e. in real time). As it is a real-time settlement system, the system effects final settlement continuously rather than periodically at pre-specified times. Moreover, this settlement process is based on the real-time transfer of money from one bank account to another bank account through State Bank of Pakistan. An RTGS system can thus be characterized as a funds transfer system that is able to provide continuous intraday finality for individual transfers.

The RTGS in Pakistan has been named as Pakistan Real-time Interbank Settlement Mechanism (PRISM). Pakistan Real-time Interbank Settlement Mechanism (PRISM) System is Pakistan’s is the only Large Value Payment System. It is a (RTGS) which provides a central platform for the settlement of large-value interbank funds transfers, Government Securities, retail clearing and customer transfers (over a certain minimum amount limit).

Soneri Bank Ltd. is offering RTGS facility to its customers, where customers can easily transfer amount to any other bank account in Pakistan in real time.


  • RTGS: Inter Bank Real time Money transfer facility through Electronic Payment System (PRISM) of State Bank of Pakistan. Speedy transfer in real time.
  • Eligible Customers: All Soneri Bank Account holders are eligible to avail this facility.
  • Nature of Transaction: Fund transfer from one bank account to another bank’s account in real time.
  • Wider Boundaries – No geographical limitations within Pakistan
  • Faster Settlement Cycles – No more inter-bank or clearing house settlement issues
  • Categorization – The 3rd Party transfer through PRISM/RTGS fall into two categories;
  1. MT – 103 Big Value 3rd Party Transfers (Rs 1 Million and above)
  2. MT – 102 Small Value 3rd Party Transfers (Rs 1 Lac to Rs 1 Million)

This facility can be availed from all Soneri Bank branches across Pakistan within the stipulated by SBP timings (from Monday to Friday).

For further details, /assistance, please contact Branch Manager or Branch Operations Manager to your nearest Soneri branch.

Note: For commission and Charges details on RTGS transactions, please refer Soneri Schedule of Charges.


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