Soneri Ladies First Term Deposit

A Women Specific Term Deposit Product aligned with Soneri Ladies First Current Checking Account!

If you are a Ladies First Current Account holder then you can also opt for Soneri Ladies First Term Deposit, and enjoy the benefit of Free Pink Ribbon Insurance of up to PKR 500,000*




Minimum Amount:


Maximum Amount:

No Limit

Pink Ribbon Insurance Cover:

Breast Cancer Insurance cover of up to PKR 500,000/- for TDR holders with a minimum investment of PKR 500,000/- in a single TDR

Worldwide Accidental:

Worldwide Accidental Insurance Coverage with linked Ladies First Current Account

Profit Disbursement:

Monthly into Ladies First Current Account

Profit Rate

Refer to the rate sheet 

Financing Facility:

Up to 90% of the deposit amount

Terms and Conditions apply


This term deposit shall be linked to Soneri Ladies First Current Account offering exciting free benefits. However, following add on facilities shall also be offered:

  • Subject to the bank’s internal credit assessment financing of up to 90% may be allowed to deposit holder.


  • Insurance coverage shall be applicable for ladies aged 18 till 60.
  • Minimum rate of return will be in accordance with SBP’s prevailing guidelines. Provisional rates are subject to change during the half year.
  • Roll-overs of deposits on previous rates shall be in accordance with prevailing rate sheet.
  • Premature encashment of a time deposit will cause reduction in rate of return by 150bps.



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