MCB-Arif Habib Savings and Investments Limited (“MCB-AH” or “Company”) is a Public Limited Company listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange. The Company is registered as a Pension Fund Manager under the Voluntary Pension System Rules, 2005, as an Asset Management Company and an Investment Advisor under the Non-Banking Finance Companies (Establishment and Regulation) Rules, 2003. MCB-AH is a member of the Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan (MUFAP). 

Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited (PACRA) has assigned highest Asset Manager Rating of AM1 to MCB-AH. This high quality Asset Manager Rating denotes that MCB-AH meets or exceeds the overall investment management industry best practices and highest benchmarks. 

MCB-AH is currently managing eighteen (18) Open-end Schemes, two (2) Voluntary Pension Schemes and more than fifty (50) Discretionary and Non- Discretionary Portfolios. The Company has over 150,000 + Customers comprising individuals, sole-proprietorships, retirement funds, public and private sector entities and charitable institutions. The Assets under Management of MCB-AH as of October 2022 are over Rs. 202.77 billion. 

MCB-AH was incorporated in the name of Arif Habib Investment Management Limited (AHIML) on August 30, 2000 as an unquoted Public Limited Company. During 2008, AHIML was listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange Limited (now integrated into the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited) by way of offer for sale of shares by a few of its existing shareholders to the general public. In the same financial year, the name of AHIML was changed from “Arif Habib Investment Management Limited” to “Arif Habib Investments Limited” (AHIL). On January 19, 2011, a transfer agreement was signed between Arif Habib Corporation Limited (AHCL) [the then parent of AHIL] and MCB Bank Limited (MCB Bank) [the then parent of MCB Asset Management Company Limited (MCB AMC)] for transfer of the entire business of MCB AMC to AHIL to achieve synergies in business and to access a wider distribution network. The scheme of amalgamation (“the Scheme”) was approved by the shareholders of AHIL and MCB AMC in their respective extraordinary general meetings held on May 21, 2011. The Scheme was also approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) with the effective date of amalgamation being June 27, 2011 (the effective date). In accordance with the terms contained in the Scheme, the Company became a subsidiary of MCB Bank Limited from the end of the year ended June 30, 2011 which owns 51.33% ordinary shares in the Company till date. Pursuant to the merger of MCB AMC with and into AHIL, the name of AHIL has been changed to MCB-Arif Habib Savings and Investments Limited, effective from May 23, 2013. 


  • Is Ideal for investors who wish to keep their savings liquid like bank deposits. 
  • Holding Period: No fixed term; can be redeemed at any time
  • Regular Income Options: Needs are catered to by monthly, quarterly or annual payments 
  • Bank Financing: Units can be used as a collateral against financing 
  • Encashment: 2-3 Days. However constitutive documents of the fund allow up to six working days. 


Account type

Investment and Saving  


Pakistani Nationals or Non-resident Pakistanis holding a NTN or CNIC or NICOP. 

Initial Deposit


Maximum credit balance limit



  • Professional Fund Managers Your investment is managed by fund managers who have a high level of educational and professional credentials and appropriate investment managerial experience. 
  • DiversificationMutual Funds aim to reduce the volatility of returns and the risk by diversification. They invest in a number of companies across a broad section of industries / sectors. With a small investment, an investor can achieve diversification that would have otherwise not been possible if the investor invests directly in those securities. 
  • LiquidityOpen-ended Mutual Funds are priced daily and can be redeemed anytime. This mean that investors can redeem their holdings in Mutual Funds anytime. 
  • Low transaction costsSince Mutual Funds are a pool of money of many investors, the amount of investment made in securities is large. A small management fee is charged by the company, which if invested directly would have cost an individual investor a lot. 
  • TransparencyPrices of open ended Mutual Funds are announced daily. The portfolio is also disclosed in the monthly Fund Managers Report.


Fund Name:

Fund Name Category FEL
Pakistan Cash Management Fund Money Market Scheme 1%
MCB Cash Management Optimizer Fund Money Market Scheme NIL
MCB DCF Income Fund Income Scheme 1.50%
MCB Pakistan Sovereign Fund Income Scheme 1.50%
MCB Pakistan Income Fund Income Scheme 2%
Alhamra Daily Dividend Fund Islamic Income Scheme 1%
Alhamra Islamic Income Fund Islamic Income scheme 1.50%
Pakistan Income Enhancement Fund Aggressive Income Scheme 2%
MCB Pakistan Asset Allocation Fund Asset Allocation Scheme 3%
Alhamra Islamic Asset Allocation Fund Islamic Asset Allocation Scheme 3%
MCB Pakistan Stock Market Fund Equity Scheme 3%
Alhamra Islamic Stock Fund Islamic Equity Scheme 3%
Pakistan Pension Fund Pension Scheme 3%
Alhamra Islamic Pension Fund Islamic Pension Scheme 3%

Disclaimer: The returns of mutual funds are not guaranteed, mutual funds returns are subject to market risk and the price of units may go up and down based on market conditions, past performance should not be taken as guarantee of future performance. as disclosed in the offering document available on AMC’s website the fund manager and Soneri Bank Limited is only the Distributor of these funds in Pakistan.