Farm Development & Tractor Loans

Purchase of items such as machinery, equipment, installation of tube wells/turbines, solar power systems, land improvement, water course construction/improvements, construction of storage buildings, tunnel farming, greenhouse technology, and purchasing of tractors, in line with SBP eligible items list for the same. The tenor of financing may be up to 10 years; however, it may not exceed the useful life of the financed item. The 30% equity contribution by the customer will be mandatory for availing of such loans.


  • A facility may be allowed for purchases such as brand new thrashers and other Agri machines like ploughs.
  • For purchase of brand new equipment for sprinkle/trickle/drip irrigation systems
  • Installation of solar/general tube wells/engines, open wells, Persian wheels, lift pumps, deep turbines/pumps, and electrical installation, including the cost of power lines and transformers.
  • Construction of cold storage.
  • Cost of construction/installation of structures involved in tunnel & greenhouse technology for the growth of horticultural produce.
  • Watercourse improvement alignment, lining, silt clearance, construction of modules and culverts (where the Directorate of Water Management is not functional), and construction of Pacca watercourses.
  • The tenure of such financing should not exceed the useful life of machinery/equipment/project as per policy. It shall vary from 3 years to 7 years. A minimum of 30% of the machinery, equipment/project cost is to be invested by the borrower as equity.
  • Any other item required for the development of the farm as per the eligible list of items of SBP
  • Insurance arrangement as per SBP guidelines.