Sales Desk

Our trained and experienced sales team work closely with our clients to give them the best financial solutions. Our sales team facilitates clients in their decision making and provides market guidance. The Treasury Sales Desk is responsible for recognizing and meeting the requirements of retail and corporate clients.

The staff is currently engaged in providing following products/services to our clients:

  1. Ready Sale & Purchase (Import/Export): These transactions refer to sale/purchase of one currency against another with settlement on the same day.
  2. Forward Sale & Purchase (Import/Export): This refers to sale/purchase of one currency against another with settlement at a future date. Future date and pricing are agreed at the time of the deal. Customers can book their FX exposure in the forward to hedge themselves against volatility in currency.
  1. Remittances: This includes the sale, purchase, and conversion of currencies other than trade, including home remittances, inward remittances, and outward remittances, mainly for overseas Pakistanis, financial institutions, and exchange companies.
  1. Foreign Bill Purchase (FBP): FBP provides exporters with a solution in which the client can generate rupee funds against their export bills. While in discounting, the bank buys the bill in forward value before it is due.
  2. Foreign Bill Discounted (FBD): FBD is similar to FBP, with the only difference being the underlying currency of the credit facility, which in the case of FBD is the foreign currency instead of rupee.
  3. Foreign Currency Export Finance (FCEF): To meet the customer’s financial needs, the bank extends a credit facility in foreign currency to its exporters.
  4. Foreign Currency Import Finance (FCIF): This facility provides importers with a foreign currency credit to retire a Letter of Credit (LC) or an Import Contract when it is due.