SNBL’s Cash Management services coupled with our next generation, web-based Cash Management System ‘Soneri Trans@ct’, provides our valued customers with comprehensive, one stop solution for cash flow management, i.e. Receivables and Payables Management, in the most effective and efficient manner.

Our Cash Management services, comprise of full array of products & services, designed and tailored to enable our Corporate, Commercial and SME customers to securely exchange funds and financial information in real-time with their trading partners, for optimal management of working capital.

Collections/Receivables Management

Soneri Trans@ct – Eazy collect provides our valued customer, with tailored, one – stop solution to manage all sorts of collections/receivables requirement. Our solution includes consolidation of all sales proceeds / fees (Educational institutes/clubs) into collection account, supported with real-time customized & comprehensive MIS reporting to facilitate reconciliation needs.

One window solution for Corporates, SMEs, Commercial, Educational institutions like Schools / Colleges / Universities for smooth collections of their receivables via customized vouchers / challans and deposit slips at any Soneri Bank branch vide Pakistan.

Providing accurate and timely customized MIS along with Balance and transaction reporting, resulting in improved decision making and reducing operational costs.

Liquidity Management
Complete range of funds movement via Sweep in and Sweep out, Standing Instructions and Zero Balance Account structured solutions.

Bankers to the Issuance (BTI)
BTI for public offering transactions – IPO, OFS, Right Issue, Sukuk, and TFC is conveniently managed via Soneri Trans@ct – Eazy Collect module, which allows centralized collections from any of Soneri Bank’s online branches, coupled with real-time online comprehensive MIS.

Payables Management 

Soneri Trans@ct is an innovative, web based, Cash Management System which provides a comprehensive and tailored solution, catering to all sorts of local payables requirements of our Corporate, Commercial and SME customers.

Corporate Payments
Cash Management clients will have the facility to make payments through Soneri Trans@ct for various transactions including below mode of payments.

  • IFT: Internal Funds Transfers within Soneri Bank Accounts
    Cash Management clients has the facility to benefit with electronic account to account transfer using Soneri Trans@ct within the Soneri Bank accounts.
  • IBFT: Inter Bank Fund Transfer.
    Cash Management clients can carry out IBFT – Inter Bank Fund Transfers via Soneri Trans@ct, to accounts maintained with any 1-Link member bank.
  • RTGS: (Real Time Gross Settlement)
    RTGS transactions can also be initiated and executed through Cash Management System.
  • Corporate/Customer Cheque Issuance
    Cheque issuance/printing can be carried out at multiple locations both On-site and Off-site.
  • Bankers Cheque Issuance
    Issuance at multiple On-site locations.
  • COTC (Cash Over The Counter) Transactions
    Beneficiary can receive Cash from any of the designated branches, for COTC transactions executed through Soneri Trans@ct. Post transaction execution beneficiary receives RIN number on the provided email / mobile phone.
  • 1 BILL/Fee/Utility Bills Payments, Govt. Duties (Custom Duties, FBR Taxes, Etc.):
    Clients will have the option to pay their bills via 1Bill, Utility bills, Fee, Govt Duties, Custom Duties, and FBR Taxes Etc. through Soneri Trans@ct.

Bulk Payments
A facility within the Soneri Trans@ct platform for carrying out multiple payment transactions in one go, aimed to make the payables arrangement much simpler, more convenient and hassle free.
Vendor Payments
SNBL Cash Management platform allows vendor payments to be facilitated through modes of disbursements (as stated above).
Payroll/Salary Processing
Using the bank’s Cash Management platform, the clients also have the facility to disburse their payroll using the bulk file upload module, assigning beneficiaries and associated amounts for payments.
Dividend Payments
Cash Management customer will have the option to pay their dividend cycle as per the required format and details like Single debit and Single Credit with complete range of reporting and reconciliation.

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