Farm Production Loans - Revolving Credit

We disburse Production Loans for Crops to meet the purpose of sowing, producing, growing, harvesting and marketing crops, vegetables, fruits and more. It may incur the cost of input on acquiring the seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, and other materials and charges of hiring services.

The Revolving Loans (Working Capital Facility) are allowed to meet the working capital requirement of respective customers. It is permitted for three years on a revolving basis with one-time documentation per SBP guidelines & SNBL’s Policy with annual review. The customer may withdraw/deposit the amount as per their requirements and discretion, whereas we will charge the markup on the utilized amount only as per the agreed time.


  • One-time documentation valid for three years.
  • Option to use limit as per the requirement of the farmer.
  • Withdrawal and deposit of funds at the discretion of the customer.
  • We will charge the markup on the amount utilized/withdrawn (outstanding debit balance)
  • Simple & Quick Processing and easy conditions to avail Agriculture Credit Loan.
  • Market Competitive Markup Rate.
  • Insurance arrangement as per SBP guidelines.
  • Credit availability on a revolving basis.

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